Rebate Reporting

A case study on rebate data analysis and reporting in the Independent Software Vendor industry


In the independent software vendor (ISV) industry it is common practice to work with a network of preferred suppliers. By encouraging customers to use these preferred suppliers, the ISV gets paid rebates from the supplier. It is in their best interest to track their customer’s purchasing behaviours to maximize rebate income. The ISV has to report rebates to a number of suppliers in order to receive payment as well as track which ones have been paid.

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The Challenge

This information is currently available to the ISV in their system but is not presented in easy-to-understand reports. The challenge is to simplify the reporting process so the ISV can quickly report customer purchases to comply with suppliers’ requirements and easily track their rebate income. The time and effort required to analyse customer purchasing behavior is prohibitive and needs to be streamlined.

The Solution

Data modelling across product groups and market segments would optimize rebate income. Toustone’s extensive data modelling can cut the data by segments such as industry type, customer group, supplier group, and product type. Purchasing patterns are presented visually for a clear and deeper understanding of customer behavior, allowing the ISV to identify areas where they can influence purchases.

Using Toustone’s Decision Intelligence solutions, data reporting and analysis happen automatically, saving time and effort spent gathering and understanding customer data. The ISV receives regular automated reports in a dashboard format embedded in their app for a consistent and seamless experience. Rebates can quickly be assessed by supplier, product type, price and customer for easy reporting and tracking.

Save time generating reports and analysing customer behavior so you can spend more time taking action to increase your revenue.

Key business outcomes

  • Rapid reports for suppliers
  • Track your rebates by category and payment status
  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer purchasing behavior
  • Create clairty within your organisation