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Empower your decisions with reliable data

Our Decision Intelligence platform provides real-time insights, accurate data analysis, and automated reporting to optimise your agency’s performance, improve public services and achieve your goals.

Typical Government data challenges

Government agencies face many data analytic challenges on a daily basis. Some of these are:

  • Lack of data reporting standardisation
  • Large volumes of siloed data stored in various systems and databases
  • Complex reports that are time-consuming and difficult to analyse
  • Sensitive data must be kept secure and compliant with various regulations
  • Sharing sensitive reports internally for further analysis

Our Government solution overview

Key elements of our solution


View reports in a standardised format. Our platform eliminates the need for accessing multiple reporting platforms and ensures that all reports are consistent and comparable. This creates a foundation to improve the efficiency and performance of your operations.

  • Service performance analysis
  • Citizen engagement
  • Financial analysis
  • Budget forecasting


Automated exception reporting. Identify and address any unusual patterns or outliers in your business automatically. This allows you to proactively address concerns before they become bigger problems, ensuring the integrity and stability of your operations.

  • Fraudulent activities
  • Inventory management
  • Financial performance
  • Asset failure & missing data


Targeted retention strategies with predictive insight. Remain provides visibility into who is at risk of leaving your agency within the next 12 months to support early intervention into staff turnover and reduce the impact on the bottom line.

  • 12-month prediction on staff turnover
  • Staff turnover by manager, job title, tenure, etc.
  • New hire vs departure analysis
  • Feature analysis (causes of turnover)


Enhanced asset management capabilities. Predict analyses asset data to predict when, where and why the asset will require maintenance before any asset failure affects your production line.

  • Utilisation and availability
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Machine Learning for predictive maintenance


Optimised energy consumption insights. Pledge provides daily operation energy consumption insights and forecasts 12-month energy usage to support your agency in adopting more sustainable and cost-effective energy practices.

  • Current energy usage
  • Machine Learning on energy forecast
  • Monitoring electrical assets
  • Alerts on key energy measures

How to build a solid data foundation for effective insights

You can be sitting on a gold mine of data but if you don’t know how to extract its value, you’re wasting one of your organisation’s biggest assets!

The key to turning data into effective insights is building a solid data foundation. This means knowing which data will help you achieve your goals and how to orchestrate that data into a central hub for effective, intuitive reporting.

Building a solid data foundation ensures your data is accurate and useful. It clears the roadblocks to efficiency by creating a single source of truth. Then the final components of a Decision Intelligence (DI) solution can be implemented to automate reporting and deliver insights that drive better business outcomes.

At Toustone, we do all the hard work to enable rapid data-driven decision-making at every level of your organisation and to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity. It all starts with building a data foundation. Here’s how we work with you to achieve it!